Monday, March 17, 2014


Christine; this is so beautiful!! I just love the colours. Good Job!
Stripe baby blanket.

And here is another blanket from Christine. Very interesting pattern.

Here are a few hats from Pat.

Some lovely tops and a hat from Nayana.

And another.

This little jacket and hat is from Donna,

A blanket from Nayana,

and a couple of scarves she knitted with her fingers.

Here is an Afghan I crocheted and I love the pattern. I am going to try the same pattern using baby yarn and hope it will be a lot softer.

A few cowls and head bands, from me.

Here are a couple of baby out fits donated by our on line members,

this is such an adorable out fit,

also two sweaters,

a baby blanket,

another sweater,

and hats!!!

From another online member lot of toques!!!
Thank you every one, it is fabulous to see that we are starting 2014 on a strong note.

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