Monday, November 10, 2014


We finally wrapped up our meetings for 2014 and will meet in January 2015. If anyone is looking to join us in December, please check out our calender for 2015 in January. 
Here are some project from the group in Markham.
This blanket I crocheted from one of my Leisure Art little books. I love the colours in this one and I am working on another one with a softer hue. Can't wait to finish it, it is turning out pretty good so far.

Monica finished the scarves to go with the hat in the picture for Bev, one of Liz's friends. She away for the winter and did not have the time to finish them. Bev usually donate over 40 hat and scarf sets, these made up the difference. Thank you so much Bev for all your help.

From Margaret these beautiful scarves.

Maryann  a friend of Monica's knitted these scarves. Thank you Maryann.

Lots of scarves from Monica, to match up all the hats we needed to make up sets. And it helped!

And from Nayana this lovely jacket for a kid,

and a few hats.

And these lovely sets from Jane.

Since we did not have a October meeting, Christine had a lot more to show this time.
This beautiful blanket,

and another,

also this one,
and this one too!

Wow hat and scarf sets,

and another blanket. As you can tell, she loves to knit up the dish cloth blankets with amazing colours.

Two new members join in our meeting and had some lovely baby hats to donate. Thanks to Debbie and Shade from Toronto. I hope to see you in the new year.

This Beautiful blanket is from Madge,

and this kids hat.

From Siobhan this amazing hat.
Thanks again to all of you for making this year's donation happen.

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