Tuesday, January 6, 2015


This year started out great! We received two huge donation this week and I am waiting for a couple more donations to arrive. This lot we received 100 scarves with many other items. It greatly appreciated and I am sure those receiving them will appreciate them more. 

This is a hoody preemie blanket 

Beautiful cardigan,

Lovely Afghan,

Baby blanket,

Shawl, love the colour!

Another blanket, interesting stitch.

Baby blanket,


25 hats on the table,

And the 100 scarves, I could not take a picture of them all, so I had to make up sets of colour combination so you can see each scarf.

I remember in the first year I started casting off the cold, one of my members did this scarf. beautifully done who ever did this one.

Continuing with the scarves.

A preemie blanket.
Well who ever sent in this donation i would like to thank you for work hard work and time, giving back to the community. Please email me at sally@castingoffthecold.ca so I can get a little info from you.

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