Monday, April 4, 2016


Today we had a new member joined us, at the Cedarcrest Manor. And was delighted to meet with the group. We were delighted to meet you too!! Hope to see you again!

Here are some beautiful blankets, Lynn donated. Lot of interesting stitches done by some one in Stouffville.

This lovely sweater and helmet hats are also from Lynn.

I love the cowl on the table, all from Barb. Beautiful!

This blanket was donated by a friend of Brenda.

Now i am not sure, but i think this blanket is from Joan. Lovely!

And of course Hats from Joan.

This is well done Mary! Crocheting this Bavarian blanket. Beautiful!!

A lovely blanket for a boy from Liz.

And some baby bear hats. Cute!!

Also a couple of mitts from Liz.

two baby hats from Ruth a friend of Liz.

Lots of baby hats from Lorraine also a friend of Liz.

Another crazy stitch blanket from me.

Here is Christine showing off one of her afghans for 360 Kids. Beautiful!!
That's all for now!! Thank you all for your beautiful work and precious time.

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