Monday, February 20, 2017

Kneat Knitters at Amica Unionville

As you may know from previous posts, we have a small group of ladies at Amica at Unionville who have been knitting for us for about a year. They get together every two weeks with Monica and Jane from Casting Off the Cold to socialize and do some knitting, and have been dubbed the 'Kneat Knitters' for the Amica social events calendar. The ladies have been working throughout January to make some of the much-needed baby blankets and a few other items. Here are photos from our February 11 meeting donation:

A hat and scarf from Christine

 And a baby blanket and hat set from Muriel

Monica also had a blanket ready to donate. This is a diagonal 'dish cloth' blanket with patches of colour worked in.

Thanks, ladies. We have already heard from some of the knitters that they have items ready to donate at our next meeting on February 25.

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