Saturday, July 22, 2017


At our Stouffville meeting, Janice showed up with quite a number of items to donate. Here are five beautiful blankets with hats and some of them also have  toys.

A shawl and hat,

hat and cowl sets,

Here a scarf, socks and a hat.

A baby jacket and a bunny.

A toy cat.

Hat and scarf set for a girl.

baby bonnets,

a couple of baby sleeper,
And a bib.

Baby set, adorable!

and another baby set. They are so well done Janice. Thank you so much for your lovely work.

And from Kathy, a beautiful jacket.

I love the colours in this blanket, from Madge.

also from Madge, this lovely blanket.

And here is another blanket from Madge.

A few hat and scarf sets from Madge.

This blanket pattern just shells, beautiful! From Beth.

I love the colours in this one. Also from Beth.

This such a beautiful candy strip blanket, from Beth.

from Beth another blanket for a boy, from Beth.

This pattern is a bundle of joy, from me.
Thank you all for your amazing work.

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