Friday, September 8, 2017

Amica at Unionville Summer Meetings

Our Amica at Unionville group is a bit smaller, especially as everyone gets busy in the summer, but we still received some beautiful items from our regular ladies, Christine and Muriel. Now that fall is coming and the weather is getting cooler, they expect to spend a little more time knitting, and have been encouraging some of the other ladies at Amica to drop by the meetings.

A lovely variegated hat and scarf set, and separates
from Christine

Jane's hat at cowl look very nice and warm!

Muriel donated two striped blankets in the same basic pattern, but the striping gives each one
a real different look and feel.

Monica donated these hat and scarf sets and two baby blankets.

Thanks so much, ladies. Your efforts are always appreciated and we know how much you enjoy making your contributions.

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