Thursday, October 21, 2010


On October 17 we had our second group meeting at the Sotuffville Library and I was very pleased to say that it has taken off the way I expected. Three new members on that day, so far six in all. that's a very good start.

We are still hoping to see more Teenage girls, Teens and Tween. So Hi there Moms, this is a great way for the little ones to learn a craft that will be useful to them in the future. Think of all the beautiful things they can make as gifts and for charity. I hope you will think about this and will sign them up for the next meeting.

By now I am sure you are all feeling the cold, so don't you think that you should bring out those knitting needle's and crochet hooks? Get those needles and some yarn and come down to the library on November 21 from 1pm to 3pm and make some thing warm to keep some one warm. Imagine how you will feel when you give some one a gift of warmth.

This is a beautiful blanket from Donna,

and here Donna is showing a gorgeous
baby dress.

Sandy is a new member, and she is working on a pair of socks. I think when Barb meets her they will have fun taking about knitting socks.

Here are a few more mitts from Liz.
I think she has mastered these by now.

And Margaret, working on a scarf.

Monica is modeling her hat and scarf

and these squares were put together by Monica. The colours worked well.

Another new member, Sue. She is showing a preemie blanket,
beautiful colours.

This Blanket, Tracy crocheted and I am sure it took her a while to finish it. There is a few different stitches in this one.

And this one you can see how amazing it is.

This is very pretty and also has a few stitches in it.

Lots a baby hat on the table from Tracy.

And a baby jacket and hat also from Tracy.

Here is Madge working on a toque,
and she finished it by the end of the meeting.

This gorgeous Afghan Anne crocheted,
and it will be donated to Pathways.


And this one is also going to Pathways for there youth program.

Again thanks to the Markham member for supporting the Stouffville group. Also for all your wonderful donations.

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