Sunday, October 10, 2010

Here we are at the Markham Library, and our members are showing what they have made. It's getting closer to our donation dates, so I would like to ask every one out there to try your very best to help this cause. You know it only takes one item from you all and it will make a difference. So why not a hat or a scarf, even a baby blanket, it will make you feel soooooo good.

These Blankets are from Kim,

since she was not able to make it to the last meeting,
they were dropped off.

Lovely hat and scarf, also from Kim.

My dinning table is full of scarves,
from Rowena who is knitting at home for the group.

Kaysi finished the cross stitch blanket. She is doing wonderful for a beginner.

This blanket franka used two strands of baby yarn.

Here is Pavan showing a beautiful hat and scarf.

And lots more on the table.


This baby jacket was given to us unfinished and Monica put it together.

Monica made this blanket and hat for a friend.Looks good!

As usual a great hat and scarf from Monica.

Paramjeet also used two strands of baby yarn for this blanket and it feels so soft!

And many more hats and scarves on the table.

Lovely hat and scarf from Margaret.

Here are some socks and a gorgeous Afghan from Madge's Mom.

Madge modeling a bright pink scarf.

Here is the Afghan in full view.

I love it.

Two beautiful sets of hat and scarf
from Jane.

Thank you very much ladies again for all your hard work.

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