Sunday, January 16, 2011


The Afghan drive is working out great, so I think every year we will do this in the winter months.

Here is Tracy showing the gorgeous Afghan and as you can see that a lot of work when in to this one.

Here is another one of her creations.

And another made up with different squares.

They are all gorgeous!

I found out today that Anne only crochet Afghans. Well Anne this will be a great help for the Afghan drive.
Here is one she used two strands of yarn, in each colour and it is very thick and warm. It is amazing!

This one is also amazing, she used a shell stitch. love it.

This Afghan is call the wavy blanky and I thought it would take up a lot of yarn, but it didn't. I used one skein each Red Heart super saver and there is five colours. It also worked up very quick.

I would like to thank you all for working so hard on this drive.

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