Saturday, May 14, 2011


I think we have made our quota for the Afghan drive, just to let you know that the total at this time is 32 and I am sure we will receive a few more. I know that it took a lot of your time, so I would like to thank you all, for making this happen.
Just a reminder that we will be working on baby blanket for the blanket drive and what ever small things you like to work on.

Here are some Afghans, kids blankets and hats/scarves from Maria and Kim.

This beautiful baby blanket is from Maria,

and this afghan she used the front post stitch.
As you can see they are very long, I had to fold the other three.

A ripple afghan,

and another,

I love her colour combination.

Lots of hat/scarf sets from Kim,

and some kids blankets.
Kim said she is enjoying working with strips.
This one, she used white, burgundy and red and the colours works well.

And this Afghan, she worked with earth colour, that goes beautiful together.

Lovely boy's blanket,

and another.

Thank you ladies for your hard work and time.

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