Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Hey it's spring! And I would love to be out in my garden. I can see all the tulips budding and lots of other plants coming up. I just love this time of the year, the days are longer and brighter and it sure makes you feel good.

Although; I was very surprise at the turn out at the Markham meeting and the amount of items we received. It shows how much the member love helping those in need. I cannot thank them enough.

This Afghan pattern I saw in the Mary Maxim magazine, you have to by the kit, so it had a good look at it and realize the pattern is a cross stitch. it also showed a frill on both sides which I did not do.

This yellow blanket I fold in two to take the picture. And it was crocheted by Madge. Very beautiful.

Here is this gorgeous quilt Madge's sister donated.
Thank you so much Myrtle!!

What a beautiful baby blanket and hat from Nayana.

These preemie hats are from Dawn.

They are so cute.

Christine is lots of fun knitting baby blankets,
this one she used up her scraps and the colours looks great.

And all these gorgeous baby sweater/hat set. She loves making them and she dose a great job at it.

Well Margaret this lovely!
Beautiful colours!

And this one is also lovely.

Here she used up scraps again for these hat.
so you see you don't have to trow them out.

And one from Monica, also using up scraps.

Beautiful baby blanket from Liz,

and a pair of mitts.
I am sure that Liz can knit these with her eyes close. She love making them.

A pair of hat/scarf sets from Jane.
Love the colours and they are beautiful.

Barb crocheted this blanket, the colours go well together and it is perfect!

Thank you all for your great work and time.

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