Tuesday, January 17, 2012


These are some lovely baby clothing from Betty from Richmond Hill. She love knitting and I know that she would have a project on the go at all times. Even when she is out shopping with her family, she said that she would stand and knit while they are shopping. What dedication! I wish I could do that but I have know time.

Hats and mitts,

a few sweaters, beautiful.

And a couple of blankets.

Thank you so much Betty.

The rest of the items from here, was dropped off at Mary's Yarns in Unionville.

A shawl,

a few blankets,

lots of socks,

and mitts.

This blanket is far to small, so we will have to add to it. In the future please make the baby blankets at lease 20x20.

And another,


and many scarves.

This could be used as a lapgan.

And lots of scarves from Mary.

A beautiful sweater,


a shrug,

a sweater

and an Afghan.

Another scarf,

and a little jacket,

and a kid's sweater,

a cute vest,

and a blanket.

All so lovely! thanks to all for your donations and for helping to make a difference in York Region.

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