Monday, January 9, 2012


First group meeting for 2012 and we had a great turn out and many beautiful items were donated.
Finally winter is here and i am sure you all will be looking for some thing to do on these cold winter days. Well how about working on an Afghan! There a lots of beautiful patterns on the web you can download for free. We will be working on Afghans over the next two months, since there is a great need for some of our charities, we donate to. Also some large blankets for kids 10 years and over. So if you would like to help out this year, we would be happy to hear from you.Our online members were very busy last year and we received many donates of lovely clothing from them. Thank you all and we hope we will see more of your great work.

Here is Helen a new member for the Markham group,
and she is amazed at the work we do for those in need.
Welcome aboard Helen!

Here are a few preemie hats and booties Helen donated, lovely!

This scarf I used a garter stitch and then i crocheted both ends.

Sharon worked on a few hat and scarf sets over the holidays. They will keep some one very warm.

Christine the knitting machine, showing here first Afghan. It turned out beautiful!

And here is a lovely baby blanket from Christine,

and lots of hat and scarf sets.
She loves working on these because they knit up very quickly.

Here is Barb hiding behind this lovely Afghan she crocheted,

and she also worked on some beautiful cowls, over the holidays.

Ulrika is showing a baby blanket she crocheted.
I love the pattern she used for this blanket.

Close up of it.

Also from Ulriks, lots of hat and scarf sets.

Nayana is modeling one of the cowls she knitted,

This shawl Monica is modeling, is just gorgeous!
Very well done.

On the table are hats, head bands and cowls from Monica.

Here she is modeling one of them.

These two baby blankets are from Marianne, a friend of Monica's.

And a few hat and scarf sets.

And Jane's hat and scarf sets and a gorgeous cowl.

Monica is showing the cowl Jane knitted.

Margaret crocheted this baby blanket,

and so many hat and scarf sets.
All so beautiful.

Liz loves knitting little things, two baby hats and a baby jacket and hat.
Good job Liz!

Lovely blanket from Madge,

and a couple of scarves,

and another blanket.

And from Madge's mom, lots of hats.

Wonderful job every one, and thank you for your dedication. We couldn't do this with out you.
Keep up the good work.

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