Sunday, February 26, 2012


I cannot complain this winter at all! We have had the best winter ever !! I love it this way, easy to get around and you don't need a heavy winter coat. You can feel that spring is just around the corner and because of that we have had full group meetings every time. More new members joining and more donation coming in.
We are still looking for a venue in Richmond Hill, so we can start up again there. If any one could let us know of a place that we can use for a couple of hours, once a month, for free, it will be greatly appreciated. 
Casting Off The Cold has just purchased a few EDGERYDOO TEMPLATES, finally we will be able to edge some beautiful edging on fleece blankets. I cannot wait to start working on one. Tracy has been using the edgerydoo templates for a while and we all love the look.  So we are looking for Fleece to make baby blankets. If you are purging your house because you are downsizing and have some fleece and don't know what to do with it, we would gladly take it off your hands. Just email me to make arrangement for pick up or drop off. 
Well it's time to post some pictures.

This beautiful baby blanket, Donna Crocheted. Sweet!!

And here you see this gorgeous baby set from Donna,

and another one, they are sooooo cute! Thanks Donna.

Sharon is using up yarn we inherited to knit up hat and scarf sets. Great and thank you!

Lots more hat and scarf sets from Christine. I love her colour combinations. Christine I know that the kids will love them. Thanks so much.

This baby blanket is also from Christine. She is having so much fun knitting up all these beautiful things for those in need. I am not sure if I mentioned this before, but Christine only knitted sweaters before she joined the group. and is truly loving it.

Madge is almost finished with this gorgeous blanket, using Bernat chunky yarn. Madge it is just lovely and I cannot wait to see the royal blue one. Thanks Madge.

Look at this little red jacket and hat set, from Pat, so adorable! I just love the colour.

And here is another adorable jacket and hat set from Pat. 

And here is another one and look at the hat, so cute! Pat they are all amazing, some kids will be very happy to have them.

Michela joined the group this month in Stouffville, and she is from Richmond Hill. Here are some hat and scarf sets Michela knitted. Beautiful colours and I love the hat tops, great for kids.

 And here she is showing a gorgeous cardigan she knitted.

This is a red heart pattern, if you would like to crochet one. Ulrika had lots of fun working with it. And she said that she would love to crochet another one very soon, since she enjoyed it so much. Good job Ulrika, it turned out great! Thanks for the Afghan.

This Pattern is one of a few patterns I recently purchased from Sarah London. I love the way she use her colours. I was told once by one of my Artist teachers, that I am not afraid of colour. So you can see why I just love her work , colour, colour. I will be posting a few more soon.

The last of the large squares we inherited, I crocheted four to add to two pink ones, and I must say that it was not difficult matching it, if you have the yarn on hand. I was lucky that I had a lot of odd ball waiting to be used. 

Well that's all for now folks. Check us out in March, we will have a lot more wonderful stuff for you to see and try. Don't forget that your feedback is all ways welcome. Leave a comment!

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