Friday, March 9, 2012


Hello every one, the Oshawa first group meeting will start on April 29th from 1pm to 3pm. So if any one is interested in joining, please contact Anne at, for more information. Also if you are thinking of purging your stash of yarn and would like to donate it, we would be happy to take it of our hands to give to the members, to make warm clothing for those in need.
Have a look at some of the things the group makes with all your donated yarn and they also buy their own .  All these beautiful clothing goes to many shelter and the homeless in York Region and the GTA.

This lovely hat and scarf set is from Monica,

and these two beautiful blankets.

From Christine, many hat and scarf sets, as usual wonderful colours.

And this adorable baby sweater.

This sweater, hat and mitt is from Sharon. Great work.

There is Helen showing this gorgeous Afghan she made for her Aunt.Great job Helen!

Another cowl and hat from Nayana,

And look at this, Harry potter blanket for her grandson. Amazing!

More adorable sweater from Liz. She does such a great job knitting them up.

And from Barb, cowls and mitts for kids. Very cute.

Madge this blanket is beautiful!

Another baby blanket from Jane.

And these lovely hat and scarf sets are from Margaret,

This blanket is also from Margaret, beautiful!

Cowls and hats from Siobhan, using up the odd balls.

Yes I am still crocheting squares for Afghans, I really enjoyed working with this one and I have deiced to make another on in a different colour.

Lots more sweaters from Lorraine from Richmond Hill,

and a hooded scarf,


just lovely,

Lorraine, you do such great work.  Thank you so much for your donation.

And as always from the group great work, and thank you all for your time.

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