Friday, March 23, 2012


It is always a good thing to see new members joining the team, every one is welcome, so please drop by for an afternoon of craft and brag. This month we welcomed two new members, Connie and her sister Carolynn from Richmond Hill. So,since we have been seeing more people at the Stouffville meetings from Richmond Hill, we are looking for a venue there to start up a group, again! If any one knows of a place that we can use on a Sunday, free of charge, please contact me!  I will appreciate it very much.

Here is a beautiful blanket and sweater that Michela made. sorry I did not take a photo of the sweater on it's own, it is so cute!
And this lovely dress and hat also from Michela.

This top is just perfect for the spring. the colour is very much in and a kid will love it.

As usual another baby set from Donna, adorable!

And this very cute dress.
Here is a gorgeous blanket from Donna.
A preemie blanket form Kathy,
And these beautiful layettes, from Kathy.
Connie is a new member and she donated quite a few items, here is a lovely sweater,

and a baby blanket, adorable.
And Connie showing another blanket, love the colours.
Another blanket fro Connie.
Also Connie's mom sent beautiful hat and scarf and she said she will be contributing more to the cause.
And another blanket from Connie.
Now these is so cute, from Connie. I am sure some kid would like them.
Carolynn is almost finish with this set and thought she would show it to you.

Lots more hat and scarf sets from Christine,
beautiful sweater and what a great colour for a kid.
Great colours in this blanket, I love it.
This point turn out great Ulrika, I must try one soon.
And a hat and scarf set and a baby bonnet from Ulrika,
also from Ulrika, this lovely baby blanket.

Still using up the wool blend yarn, so I crocheted another Afghan , with squares.
I used a scallop stitch to crochet this one and i loved it so much, I am making another one.

The rest of the items from here on are from  anonymous donors from Stouffville.

And from here on, also from anonymous donors. I don't from whom, but they were dropped off at Mary's Yarn. Lots of blankets and a couple of Afghans. 

A friend of Rowena's deiced to help out, so here is ab lovely blanket fro Rebecca,
and lots of hats.

Rowena did it again, lots of scarves.
Thanks to all who work at home to supply us with such lovely work and to all our members for pulling through to make this happen.
It always amaze me to see all the gorgeous things we collect each time and that we all see that they need nice things too.
My philology is, give something that you would like to receive.

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