Thursday, June 21, 2012


Well I guess since the weather has been very warm for the past few months, we will be seeing less and less members attending. I cannot blame them, who wouldn't want to be outside enjoying the great weather. But  considering how small the Stouffville meeting was this month, we still collected quite a few great items. 
Here they are,
From Donna, two bereavement gowns which she lined, so the finish garment looks great,

 and a beautiful baby blanket.

This Christening  dress Pat knitted and is working on the blanket to go with it. You will see it next time.

And Christine knitted these three amazing blankets and I love the colours.

 This one looks like shells, beautiful and it is perfect.

and another, they are all so colourful  just great for babies. Most babies are attracted to bright colours, so if you are making blankets for the little one, you should think of bright colours.

These little sweaters are from Betty, these are amazing!

This is the back of the first one, I thought you would like to see it.

And a few hats.

I finally finished this hexagon Afghan, that I enjoyed so much, I think I will be crocheting another one soon. Great way to use up your ends and I didn't make a dent in my bag of scraps. Even the white I used scraps and was lucky to fine some small balls of white that was not quite the same colour, but with the bright colours next to it, you couldn't tell. I used the join as you go method with the white, you can join they suing any colour.   It's the first one I have made and I am very happy with the finish product.
I hope you like it too!

Thank you all for the great work and for your time.

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