Thursday, June 14, 2012


Here we are at the Markham Library grounds on Sunday June 10th for Knit in the Public day. What a beautiful day we had and every one was very much into their craft and chatting having fun. A different atmosphere to when we hold our meetings inside. Lots of people stopping by asking about our group and how they can help. I am thinking that we should do this more often at different places.
We also have quite a few items donated.

This beautiful jacket is from Barb,

and a baby blanket. Barb said that she did this in two parts. working  as though she was knitting a dish cloth blanket and then putting them together. It looks great.

And from Marianne, some lovely hat and scarf set,

and lots of baby hats.

Also a baby blanket,

This gorgeous baby blanket is from Monica.

Sharon knitted this beautiful Angel Pocket.

A lovely hat and scarf set from Ulrika,

And a blanket that some one donated and Ulrika finished it. It is just beautiful.

And of course Christine, a lovely baby blanket,
and another,

some kids sweaters, they are gorgeous!

Here Christine tried a different look with this hat and scarf, a reversible set. Love it.
And a blanket from me.

I would like to thank you all for taking part on this special day for all crafters. Keep up the good work.

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