Wednesday, July 18, 2012


We had a great turn out for the BBQ this year, considering the weather was lousy, lots of rain and I think that made it easier for the girls to interact more, since we were all in the same room.

Thanks to all of you for the wonderful food and I was glad to see most of it went.

Here you can see every one chatting, 

Some of them came later and the rain stopped just for a little while so I can BBQ, and  we made it just in time. before the next shower came down.
We were able to spend that time out on the deck to enjoy the sun and do some knitting.
Here is a few pictures of my backyard garden, it is not at it's best since I did not have much time to look after it. Again because of the weather.

Here is another picture of my garden.
I think this was the best BBQ ever and as you can see they all had a great time. Hopefully next year more members will join , it will be great to have you all attend.
Thanks again for all your hard work and time.
 happy knitting/crocheting every one.

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