Thursday, August 16, 2012

Markham August Meeting.

Well as you all know that summer is coming to an end and we will be thinking of getting ready to put all those huge bags together for donation in the fall. I don't think we have reach our goal this year so we are asking for your help. If you are a knitter/ Crocheter and would like to help us, we need hats and scarves for adults.
Please contact if you would like us to pick or to drop any items. 

Here is a wonderful baby blanket from Erma from Trenton 
 And a few bereavement  blankets also from Erma.

 Another. Thank you so much Erma.
From Margaret some beautiful hats and a scarf and hat set.

Margaret said that she was given a few squares and used two of them to make up the Afghan. Looks great!
Here are a couple of blankets from Marianne. This one you cannot see the stitch very well, but it is amazing.
And this one too!
Here is a hat and scarf set from Marianne.
And from Monica, a hat and scarf set.
Monica knitted this wonderful blanket, which she made for a gift to some one. There is a lot of work in this blanket and i am sure it took some time to do. Great job Monica.
Well as usual from Christine, lots of hat and scarf set for adults, and lots more to come she said.
Also from Christine this beautiful Afghan in many colours, I love it.
Two great looking hat and scarf sets from Jane.
And from Barb, a couple of hats.
Well I did not here the end of this yarn, but you did a great job Madge. I am sure these hats and carves will keep some one very warm this winter.
Here is an amazing blanket from Madge.
More of that yarn! a lapghan
and another one also from Madge.
From Sophie a beautiful hat and scarf set.
From Ulrika, a beautiful blanket,
and this one she crocheted fro a friend and wanted to show you how it turned out. It is the basket weave stitch. Great job Ulrika!
And there is another, beautiful,
and another,

also some hat and scarf sets.
Leigh joined us at the Markham meeting and to my surprise she had a bag full of blankets to donate. All these were done by a friend of hers, that Leigh purchased from her to donate to us. thank you so much Leigh.
Tammy Arboite from ( Midland Ont)  great work Tammy.

 twelve blanket from Leigh.
Thank you all for your great work and the time to take to make them. We couldn't do this with out.

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