Sunday, August 26, 2012


Hello every one, it is getting close to our donation month and we are asking very one out there to support  us for a good cause. Every one at casting off the cold is working diligently knitting/crocheting just so we can make our goal for this year. 
A few hats and scarves, a blanket, an afghan or a baby out fit will help us a great deal.  So thing of those who will need it most in the winter. I know that weather is pretty warm at the moment and it is very hard to think of warm clothing. But if we don't get cracking now, we will not have enough goods to distribute to all the charities we donate to. 
Have look at all the beautiful items we have donated in the past years and we would like to continue this for many year to come. And just to let you know that they are greatly appreciated by those who receive them.
Now here are a few items from the Stouffville meeting.
This baby blanket was knitted by Ulrika, made for a friend.

Close up.

And from our knitting machine Christine, lots of hat and scarf set. And we need a lot.

This blanket is from Jane.

A beautiful blanket from Sue.

A hat and scarf set from Sue.

Between Billie and Christine I don't know  who is going to be our knitting machine. looks like a tough call.  Lots of scarves from Billie,

and a baby outfit,

a sweater,

and more scarves. Way to go Billie.
Now the next two pics are from the youths at the Immigrant youth center in Markham.
They are learning to knit/crochet and I think they did a wonderful job for beginners.

Also here is a new twist to fleece scarves. Great colours and well done. Thanks to all of you who donated these items.
As always thank you ladies for a great job and for taking time to help out for a great cause. 

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