Monday, October 22, 2012


Hello every one, we will be donating to our charities this month and I would like to thank all our members and donors  for all the beautiful work you have produced this year and in the past. For the past six years we have grown to three chapters. the Oshawa group is doing very well and we are hoping to start a chapter in Toronto. With the help of every one chipping in, I know we can do it.

Here are some items from our meeting this month, a few hat and scarves from me.

And from Marianne, two beautiful hat and scarf set.
From Monica, lots of hats and a scarf,
and a baby blanket,
another baby blanket,
and another one.
As usual Christine knitted up a lot of hat and scarf sets.
And a baby blanket.
Billie knitted this gorgeous baby blanket and hat,
and another blanket.
Also a few hat and scarf sets .
and this key hole scarf.
From Ulrika, a baby blanket.

Sharon knitted these scarves,
and some hat and scarf sets.
From Jane and couple of hat and scarf sets and a cowl.
This baby blanket Madge knitted.
and a hat and scarf set.
From Barb a scarf.
Margaret made this lovely carriage baby blanket.
and a hat and scar set.
Many hat and scarf sets, a collaborative effort from Bev, Nancy,Lynda and Liz.
And some kids sets.
From one of our donors Rowena, lots of scarves.
And a key hole scarf.
Thanks again every one and for those of you who would like to help, we collect all year round. So don't hesitate to contact me if you would like to donate some thing to keep some one warm this year. Happy crafting.

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