Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Finally  the problem is fixed and I am able to upload the donation we collected last month.
Here are some beautiful sweaters and hats from Karen an online member. Thank you Karen.

The rest of these wonderful baby items are from a group from  the Harvest Family Church in Mississauga.


this is a baby dress, gorgeous!

a vest,



more scarves,

lots of scarves,

and lots and lots of baby blankets.

I love this quilt,

and this one also!

Here are some hat,scarf and mitt sets for adults.

More hat and scarf set,

this is a beautiful baby set,

and a baby jacket, hat and mitt set.

Lovely sweater and hat,

another jacket and hat,

and another.

Lovely baby set,

a  kid's hoodie,

and a jacket and hat.

A bunny sweater,

a baby jacket,

more jackets,


another hoodie,

cute jacket,

another hoodie.

love this sweater,

and this one.

so cute,

more baby blankets

baby hats,

and lots more dolls.

Thank you ladies for choosing casting off the cold to donate all your beautiful work. They will be donated to a few of our charities and I am sure they will appreciate them very much.

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