Sunday, December 30, 2012


Well we are warping up 2012  and getting ready for 2013. The  response this year was excellent  and we are hoping to receive the same for 2013. But we still need new volunteers to join us ether on line or at our meetings. It only takes one item to help us meet our goal, but if you can handle more, that will be great.  So this winter get those needle and hooks out and start a project to keep some one warm.

here a few items from the Stouffville group. These are some very warm hat and scarf sets from Christine.

And a very colourful blanket.

Kathy love knitting baby outfits, here are two beautiful jackets and a couple of hats.

Sharon, great dish clothes,

Interesting blanket from Sue.

I love this outfit Pat D, isn't it adorable!

Pat D you did it again, beautiful.

From Pat N a lovely baby blanket.

Beautiful Beret from Ulrika.
Thank you all for you excellent work, support and efforts and I wish you all the very best for the New Year and will see then.

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