Sunday, November 10, 2013


From the senior knitting group.lots of hats for South Lake  Hospital.
They are all so cute,

Love these,

and look that this! Just great.

Sooooo cute,

and I love the head bands, babies all ways look so adorable with a head band on.

Here Mary is showing an Afghan,

this blanket is gorgeous!

and this one,

and another.

From Mary this lovely blanket.

and a few cowls.

These are from a donor,

Here are a couple of hats from Christine,

and a baby blanket.

A hat and scarf from Monica,

And from her friend Marianne, some hat and scarf sets,

and this beautiful blanket,

and another.

A few cowls and a scarf, using up all my boa yarn.
Another blanket that was donated unfinished. This is it finished.

From Bev her last of many hat and scarf sets.

These are from Liz and they are so adorable.

Squares that were donated and Sharon put them together, great job Sharon.
 This year was  great for baby blankets, so I would like to thank you all for doing a great job on every thing you made.

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