Wednesday, November 20, 2013


This was our last meeting for 2012, we are taking December off but will be working at home. Every one is so busy getting ready for the holidays, so I thought it will be best for us to concentrate on holiday things.
Here is a scarf from Pat,

And this gorgeous blanket.

Lots of hat and scarf sets from Christine,

and this beautiful baby blanket.

Two scarves from Mary's yarn, Monica sewed the ends in.

Some very small blankets that we donated to us and Monica put them together to make them larger.

They look great! Thanks Monica.

Sharon knitted this lovely baby sweater.

Here a few cowls using up my Boa yarn.
Well every one, I hope you lots of fun shopping and baking for the holidays. I know that Casting off the Cold will be some place in the back of your head. Thanks again for all the wonderful stuff you made this year.

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