Wednesday, March 9, 2016


 Her we are at the Cedarcrest Manor meeting with the senior's group there. They meet once a week knitting and crocheting lots of great stuff for Casting off the Cold. I have to say that the Markham group really enjoyed meeting these ladies and had a lot of fun being there, so would prefer to meet there. So if you are interested in joining us you can contact me at
As you can see in the first two pictures every one enjoying a cup of tea and cookies.

Serious busy in this photo, Madge teaching some one to left hand knit.

All these hats are from Joan and Joan loves pom poms. Beautiful hats.

Here are a variety of items from Barb, lovely.

Kids hat and mitt set from Lynn,

Lynn love to knit up sweaters and add a T shirt for a finish look. I love this idea.

Also from Lynn this lovely blanket.

And this one too!!

More hats from Joan,

Hat and scarf sets from Joan,

and this crocheted blanket.

These are some beautiful hat and scarf set from Christine,

And another dish cloth blanket from Christine.

Christine loves knitting these up, she said it works up pretty fast.

Here is an afghan Nayana made, beautiful!

This one is my third afghan for  ( 360 Kids ) I am on my forth.
Well as always, I have to thank you all for such beautiful work and for your time.

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