Sunday, October 9, 2016


every year Paramjeet surprise me with her beautiful work.The next aix blankets are from her.

Five baby blankets and one afghan.

The next six baby blankets are from Lynn. Lynn just learned to crochet and I think that she is doing a wonderful job at it.

Scarf from Paramjeet.

Another Afghan from Paramjeet

and this baby blanket.

Also from Parmajeet,
and a baby blanket.

Too cute, from Liz.

More baby blankets from Paramjeet.

Baby blanket from Liz.
This lovely afghan from Mary B

Hats from Barb.

Here is a beautiful baby jacket and hat from Brenda M

And this hat and scarf set.
It is pretty close now for all these beautiful items to be hand out to those in need. Could not do it with out your help, so again many thanks to all of you for your time and wonderful work.

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