Tuesday, October 18, 2016


Today I received these beautiful blankets from Christine C from Aurora.
Perfect for a boy,

This one the colours are just right for a toddler.

Another happy blanket, for boy or girl.

Pretty blanket.

I forgot to ask her what stitch she used for this one. Beautifully done.

Here are some hat and scarf sets also from Christine.

Very interesting pattern, from Marg. I love it!

Here is another from Marg. It is very soft and cozy!

Love this one too, her favorite pattern.

Beth knitted some cowls to match hats that were donated. Great job Beth.

This lovely blanket, Beth entered in the Markham fair and won a ribbon for it.

This sampler pattern is simple and always turns out great!

.another beautiful shells pattern from Beth.

Three gorgeous tops from Kathy.

Also from Christine, this sweater her mom knitted.

This is amazing! from Pat D a friend of Kathy's.

From Gita, basket weave pattern for this blanket.

And this one too!

Here is a scarf , a baby vest and hat, from Gita.
Again thank you all for your wonderful work and precious time.

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