Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Well finally I met Dianna from Project Linus, and it was a pleasure meeting her. What a wonderful lady. I was happy to be able to donate a lot of beautiful blankets, which I have collected from knitters and crocheters in the past two months. Dianna also gave me 12 fleece blankets for Casting Off The Cold project, which she did not need for the hospitals.

Thanks to Pat, a member of my group, amazing woman she is, when she puts her mind to doing some thing she is sure to get it done. I received 12 blankets of all sizes from her, just for Project Linus; 10 from Crochetville, also wonderful people working every month for a different cause; 4 from other knitters and 7 from myself!

I hope we could keep this up in the future. SOooo, your help will be greatly appreciated and I thank you for every wonderful item you have made or donated.

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