Sunday, October 2, 2011


Its getting closer to Oct 30th and I am receiving lots of stuff to add to those large bags in the basement. It is so good to see all the wonderful stuff to give to the Charities we donate too, but I cannot wait to see it all gone. It looks as though it is taking over my basement. Don't get me wrong, I love it, but it's time. Winter is going to be here soon and they will need all of it.

Don't forget you can drop off any thing you would like to donate at any of the drop off spots. You can find them on the blog, or you can email me (Sally) to arrange for pick up or drop off.

I finally finish the rainbow block blanket and just love it, if I may say so myself. The colours are bright, yes, but you know what, most babies are attracted to bright colous!!

A hat and scarf set for a kid.

And here is the blanket.

A few items from Christine, a beautiful sweater and two hat and scarf sets. Lovely!

Another of Ulrika's bags.

And one for a girl.
They are amazing.

Ulrika used this large ball of yarn I inherited from some one, the ball had five strands together and she used a large hook to make this blanket. It turned out great!

A new member showed up at the Markam meeting and she had lots of goody's with her and her name is Sharon.
Here you can see some scarves,

a few hats,

and mitts,

Preemie hats and booties.
They are all so lovely.
Thank you Sharon!!

An guess who we did not see all summer, Parmajeet. Well she was at the meeting and also arrived with a lot of goody's.
Lots of hat and scarf sets for kids, which we needed,

a baby blanket,

and another blanket,

and this beautiful sweater,

and a poncho.

A boy's sweatsuit,

a lovely sweater for a little girl,

and another sweatsuit.
She makes such beautiful things.

And Barb is working away on all the hats she can make before the 30th. They are all so different.

Today I received lots of scarves from Rowena and I will take a picture and post it tomorrow.
Thank you all so much again for do a great job.

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