Sunday, October 23, 2011


Well we are almost finish filling the bags and will be heading to Stouffville on October 30 to give all of it away. I am so happy that the weather is looking good for Sunday, so we will be easy for us to take all these bags into the Library, with out having to worry about rain. Keep your fingers cross please.
I may have to post one more donation before Sunday and that will be the last of it. but we are still working on project, so you can continue to do your part for next year.

This lot of items was donated by Dee a lady from Stouffville.
Lovely hat and scarf set,

and a couple of lapghans.

A lot of colourful hats from a donor also from Stouffville.

Thank you both for your wonderful donation.

This group of items are from Wendy, she is from Scarborough,
I met her at Michael's on Saturday and here she was on Sunday with two bags of goods.
These are cotton hats, which we will donate to the hospital.

More hats,

lovely scarves,

And a few sweaters,

more sweaters,

and lots of hats.

Great job Wendy!!

Thank you Wendy for your generous donation.

And from the Knitting Knitch Knitters.
A few scarves,

And a lot of baby sweaters,

some kids sweaters,

more sweaters,

baby booties,

love this jacket,


more sweaters,

and look at this cwol.

This is so cute,

two beautiful sweaters for boys.

and a vest,

lots of baby stuff,

kids sweaters.

Here are a couple of bags,

a few more mitts,

lots of hats,

baby hat and booty,

and lots of baby slippers.

They are all beautiful.

Thank you so much for your donation and great work.

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