Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Well this is what my basement looks like just be fore the end of October. By this time of the year I feel closed in when I go down to the basement to work. I am always worried that my clients will complain about the look of the basement, but to my surprise, they always commend me on all the great work we are doing.

Why do I keep them until now, because all the charities we donate to, dose not have space to store the good. The Shelters usually make up baskets for babies, mothers, and kids to be hand out for the holidays.

The out reach programs usually need warm clothing when they open up in November trough the winter months.
So there, it stays in my basement to remind me that we are doing a good thing for our community.

So if you would like to donate some knitted stuff to us you still have time to make a difference. You may think this is a lot, but for the 11 Shelters and Out Reach Programs we donate to, we need it all and more. Some need more than other but we would like to give even numbers to all, if we can.

Most of these bags a packed to the very top,

and very day I add more bags. All Afghans and blanket bags in this picture.

I will be working on those you see on the sofa soon and I will be receiving lots more stuff this week, to bag up.

More Afghans in these bags.

And now for the Stouffville team last donation for 2011.
Here is a gorgeous baby blanket from Donna,

and a baby blanket and sweater stet.

This is soooo cute.

This Afghan when through a few hand to finish.
Anne inherited the squares and put them together and Tracy added a border to it. Now it is done and looks great.

The happy hooker has strike again.

Look at these, a cute base ball hat for a baby and a beautiful dress and top.

Here she has some hat and scarf sets,

and this gorgeous blanket. I just love it!!!

And another blanket,

another with a hat,

And my goodness, look at this table, it is covered with fleece blankets. May be thirty? Not sure I will have to count.

Way to go Tracy!

Monica tried her hands on mitts and she did a great job at that.

Jane it using some bright colours to make her hat and scarf set and they are lovely as usual.

Well Ulrika who loves making bags, has knitted one for one of our members to carry her project in. so cute.

And here is a beautiful granny square blanket in great colours.

And Margaret, who also loves the vibrant colours, crocheted a beautiful baby blanket.

And I just love these hat and scarf sets.

Christine the knitting machine is working on kids hat and scarf sets and loving it. They are so pretty.

Christine loves to knit sweaters and thought she would knit up some strip sweaters. And she dose a great job knitting sweaters.

Now I have no idea who made this blanket.
May be some one will remind me!

This is such an amazing pattern to knit. And Pat knitted a second one in brown and beige. The first one was a red and white one.

Kathy knitted some lovely hat and scarf sets for boys.

If you can only see the dark sweater on the table close up, it is so cute, you would want to try it on. And a dress and sweater for girls, from Kathy.

I was going trough my stash and found quite a bit of fun fur yarn, I had for a while, so I thought this was a good time to use it up.
Hats and scarves for kids from me.

And Kim whipped up these beautiful hat and scarf sets, so we will have enough for every one.

Well I was amazed at the amount of stuff we collected on Sunday and as I mention earlier, we should be pretty close to 2000 items by next weekend.
I cannot thank you all enough for making this year the best one yet. Great job people.

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