Monday, November 7, 2011


Well we have started the trend again, collecting great stuff for the winter months. This year, I think there is going to be a greater need for warm clothing for those in need. So it will be greatly appreciated if you will take a little time to make something to add to our collection. As I have said before, one item will make a huge difference.

Here are some photos of a few items from a lady from Stouffville, Dee.

Preemie hats,

kids mitts, lovely colour combination.

And hats for kids.
Thank you very much Dee!

Three beautiful sweaters and a preemie hat
from Liz.

A baby blanket from Paramjette,

and lots of hat and scarf sets.

From Sharon, a neck warmer and hats.

Very colourful hat and scarf sets from Monica.

Here is a hat and scarf from one of Margaret's friends Erika.

And from Marianne, lots of hat and scarf sets.

Ulrika has put together a blanket with some squares we inherited.
She did a great job putting it together.

And two more of her famous bags.

I have to say that Jane must love bright colours like I do.

Two beautiful hat and scarf sets.

Thanks to all for such wonderful work and dedication.

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