Sunday, November 20, 2011


The last meeting for 2011 was such a great turn out and we all had a wonderful time. Too bad it had to end so soon. Anyway we will be working over the holidays on our project for the winter and will meet up again in the New Year.

We have already started to collect warm clothing and hope to hear from some of you who would like to join in on a good cause. Don't forget we are always looking for new members, so bring out your needles and hooks and start clicking on some warm clothing for those in need.

This is one of the blankets from the Snuggle Square book and I will be crocheting some more over the winter.

This is a blanket from Marianne,

and here are some lovely hat and scarf sets, also from Marianne.

Christine's strip blanket, very beautiful,

and lots of hat and scarf sets.

Kids mitts from Sharon, just what they need.

Barb is using up all her scraps, making hats and scarves.

This colourful scarf was donated to the cause,

and here two more that was donated from a donor from Stouffville.

Here are a few scarves from Nayana.

I love these blankets from Donna

and this is also from Donna.

And another.

Some lovely blankets from Tracy,

and such a cute dress,

and a lot of hats.

Wow look at this Afghan from Sue.
Great job Sue!!

Well Margaret is really whipping up those hat and scarf sets.
All beautiful.

A gift set and hats and scarves from Ulrika.

Thank you all for a great year and don't forget to keep those needle a

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