Thursday, November 3, 2011


Here we are at the Stouffville Library for our donation for 2011. This year we were able to donate just about 2000 hand crafted warm items, 25 large bags in total to shelters and out reach programs in York Region and the GTA for this winter.

As you can see the bags are jam packed to the brim and the recipients are looking very happy with what they have received and that makes us feel so warm inside, to see their appreciation of we have done to help out. Most of these shelters have lots of kids of all ages and the Casting Off The Cold team was diligently working all year to provide lots of clothing for these little ones.

I cannot imaging not having something to wear in the summer, and what's worse, not having something warm to wear for the winter. I cannot imaging it at all!!

We must be thankful for what we have and always try to help what ever you can, those in need close to home.
Guess what! The Casting Off the Cold team worked trough the winter months making Afghans for youth centers and shelters in York Region and in the city of Toronto, 40 total and will be starting on some more Afghans in January of next year. So if you feel that this is a project you would like to work on to help out with, we will be very appreciative to receive some from you out there. And don't forget the little ones.

Recipients from Touchstone Youth Center of Toronto,
a new charity we have added to our list.

And here is Marcy with all their goods for
Pathways York Region.

Marnie from Yellow Brick House, York Region
with loads of stuff to take away.

Krista looks very happy with the bags, she got for
Rose Of Sharon, York Region.

The group already working on projects for next donation.
That's how dedicated they are. Love it.

Recipients and Monica and Siobhan from the Markham group.

The Casting Off The Cold team looking so proud of what they have achieved for 2011 donation. You guys are great!

I cannot imaging that all of this was done in one year.

Look at it all, amazing!!

We have already started on project for 2012.

Thank you all,Stouffville and Markham group for your wonderful work and dedication, so we can make a difference in York Region.

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